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Activities List - 2011

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Veteran's Day                                            (Nov. 11)

Vietnam Wall Ceremony                                (Oct. 29)

Walk for the Cure                                        (Oct. 15-16)

Huntington Awareness Day & Fair                   (Sep. 17)

Squadron Fishing Trip                                    (Aug. 21)

Bayport Aerodrome Fly-in                               (Aug. 19-20)

Bayport Aerodrome Picnic                              (Aug. 13)

Tri-Wing SAREX                                            (Aug 06)

Bayport Aerodrome Neighborhood Picnic         (Aug o7)

NY Wing Leadership Encampment                      (Jul 14)

July Cadet Flying                                           (Jul. 02)

Lt. Flatley's Visit                                            (Jun, 21)

Car Wash Fund Raiser                                       (Jun. 05)

High School Color Guard Event                          (Jun. 04)

Memorial Day Parade                                     (May 29)

Grumman Memorial                                       (May 28)

Calverton Cemetary Memorial                          (May 28)

Flight Safety Tour                                           (Apr. 20)

Marcie Mazzolla 5K Marathon                         (Apr. 10)

Color Guard Raises Flag at Maratime Museum (Apr. 09)

Cadet Flying                                                  (April 02)

Inter-squadron competition                              (Mar. 28)

Color Guard presents at Islanders game           (Mar. 27)

St. Patrick's Day parade                                  (Mar. 17)

CAP LIG Military Ball                                      (Jan. 16)

Homeless Veterans Burial Ceremony                (Jan 9,)

Cold Fingers Motorcycle Run                           (Jan. 1)

Veterans Day

   Veterans Day , November 11th., we were involved in 3 important events. c/Lt Col Patrick Argento marched with other CAP cadets and officers in the NYC Veterans Day Parade. At the JFK Airport, four cadets performed a color guard led by c/TSgt Kyle Stratford and escorted by Lt Col Glenn Mackey and Mrs. Valerie Gerig, in honoring a departing flight of U.S. Veterans headed for Iraq. Finally, a group of cadets led by c/CMSgt Alexander Bennett (project officer) and senior officers 2d Lt Ginny Lackey, Michele Renneberg, Capt Andy Hart and Maj Lonnie McLaughlin, spent the day at the Stop-n-Shop in Smithtown collecting food donations for the re-stocking of the Huntington Food Pantry. The veterans at the airport were very moved by the gesture and American Airlines has asked us to perform a similar color guard in December for another special flight.

As for the food drive, while senior members, Maj. Ridley, Maj. McLaughlin, Capt. Collazo, 2d Lt. Ginny Lackey and 2d Lt. Michele Renneberg. and cadets gave hours of their time in the windy and cold atmosphere, Lieutenant's Lackey, Renneberg, c/CMSgt Bennett, c/SSgt Tracy and c/AB Horowitz spent the entire day (9-5) soliciting donations. In all the squadron collected approximately 1,000 pounds of food and $350.00 worth of donations for the Huntington Food Pantry. The LIG Commander Maj Alan Gibbs came by towards the end of the day and was very pleased with the squadron's success. Mag. Ridley personally acknowledged Cadet Bennett for his leadership, ingenuity and drive in putting this all together and to Capt Hart and Lieutenants Lackey and Renneberg for their dedication for so many hours spent in support of the efforts this day. 

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Walk for the Cure

   The 2011 Jones Beach "Walk for a Cure" event administered by the Gabreski Squadron and in support of the Cancer Society. We had 2 seniors and 3 cadets bivouac out on Satuday - Maj. Ridley, 2d Lt Lackey, c/2nd Lt Feurestein, c/CMSgt Bennett and c/SrA Tracy. 2d Lt Michele Renneberg stayed with us late into the evening and returned again on Sunday. 2d Lt Lackey was placed in charge of the "ERV" or the mobile dining facility.

   On Sunday, 2d Lt Renneberg was joined by senior officers Capt Sahagian and Capt Collazo who was the Safety Officer for the event. Also joining the members of the LI Group were c/SMSgt Collazo, c/SSgt DiSalvo, c/TSgt Ramage, c/2nd Lt Giammarino and c/AB Tupper. All the Grumman Squadron members represented us well and accounted for the second most members from any of the squadron topped only by Gabreski. In fact, we had more senior members from our squadron in attendance than any other squadron on Long Island. 

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Vietnam Wall Ceremony

   While the weather was cold, rainy & windy, the rain held off long enough for the opening ceremonies at the VA Hospital for the Mobile Vietnam Wall. The Grumman Squadron conducted a color guard which presented the colors during the playing of the national anthem. Joining them were the color guard of the Sea Cadets and the Boy Scouts. The color guard consisted of cadet's Feurestein, Jensen, O'Brien and Giammarino, all of whom did an outstanding job!

   The color guard was joined by cadet's Bennett, Collins, Howard, Ramage, Sullivan, Tracy and Fenton along with cadets Duffy from the Gabreski Squadron and Calviello from Squadron 10. Seniors in attendance included myself, Maj. McLaughlin, Capt. Collazo, 2d Lt. Ginny Lackey and 2d Lt. Michele Renneberg. 

   While our main task, that of assisting the VA Police with traffic control was never fulfilled as they decided that our assistance wasn't needed, we were still a benefit to the VA staff, Dignity Memorial and Mr. Joe Sledge our benefactor. We instead made ourselves available to the VA staff and when not asked to assist them, we walked the wall and perimeter in shifts, went on patrols of the area and assisted inside with the setting up of chairs for the indoor ceremony. The VA staff was very appreciative and fed us well. 

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Huntington Awareness Day & Fair

17 Sept.2011 On Saturday the Color Guard marched in the Town of Huntington Station's Awareness Day Parade. Following the parade, the Color Guard cadets and 2nd. Lt. Michelle Renneberg joined Maj. McLaughlin at the fair grounds and set up a recruiting table in front of the squadron's new banner.

Sunday they rendered honors to veterans at Pinelawn National Cemetery sponsored by the Jewish War Veterans of America. Jason Kaatz, one of the organizers of the event, is a JAWV member who served in Vietnam for the U.S.Army and a former CAP cadet

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Squadron Fishing Trip

On Sunday, Aug. 21, Maj. Ridley, 2d Lt Ray Renneberg and with cadets Giammarino, Tracy and Collins, spent the afternoon aboard the Dixie II charter fishing boat out of Captree. While we all caught a number of fluke, none were large enough to keep (and cook). But just as on Saturday, the weather was beautiful and we all had a great time. We were joined by Cadet Collins father Jim and Maj. Ridley's two children, Capt James Ridley II and his daughter Katie.

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Bayport Aerodrome Fly-in

Aug. 19, About half of our cadet and senior members arrived Friday evening and camped out on the grounds of the Bayport Aerodrome. Joining us were members from the Col. Francis S. Gabreski Squadron and Squadron 10. In all about 34 CAP personnel supported the event assisting the Antique Airplane Society of NY & having a great time. While we did set up tents the threat of the impending weather forced our hand and in the interest of safety we instead slept in two of the hangers.. The evening also consisted of a BBQ and some E/S training courtesy of the NYWg E/S Officer, Maj Darren Ciofi. The Cadet Officer's-In Charge were in order of grade, c/Lt Col Carissa Lackey, c/2nd Lt Howard and c/CMSgt Giammarino. The Cadet NCOIC was c/CMSgt Feuerstein.

On Saturday we awoke early and were joined by other CAP personnel who didn't camp out with us the night before. In all our cadets must have marshalled about 60 planes landing and taking off, wing walked a few, and helped police the area. They also spent a good time walking the grounds, enjoying the aviation memorabilia in the hangers and each one of them present on Saturday got to ride in an open cockpit of a Bi-Plane! Several also took to the air in Piper Cubs and other enclosed cockpit aircraft. All enjoyed barbecued franks and burgers this day too!

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Bayport Aerodrome Picnic

On Aug. 13,

   Sunday, Aug. 7, Maj. Ridley, Col. Mackey, and Cadets Diers, Gerig and Harvey assisted the airport personnel in handling the crowd security and marshalling the aircraft. All three cadets were praised for their work and given rides in the antique aircraft to thank them for their assistance. CAP was praised in general and invited back to future events.

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Tri-Wing SAREX (Search & Rescue Exercise)

    On Saturday, Aug. 6, Cadet Airman Basic Collins, C/SSgt Diers and C/2nd. Lt. Howard from our squadron, cadets from another squadron and senior members from several units took part in a three state SAREX to determine their readiness for a large scale disaster.

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NY Wing Leadership Encampment

July 14th. cadets Agulnick, Diers, Ramage, Stratford and Tracy attended the New York Wing Leadership Encampment at Stratton Air National Guard base in Scotia, NY as in-flight cadets where senior members, Major Ridley, Captain Hart and 2nd. Lt. Lackey were on staff. The cadets got to fly in an Air National Guard C-130 and try out the Army rock climbing wall and other exciting activities.

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July Cadet Flying

   Saturday, July 2nd, was a clear day with almost no wind - a beautifull day for Cadet Flying. our squadron cadets Gerig and Tupper were to fly their first Cadet Orientation Flights (COF) with Cadet Harvey riding back seat, and Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Lee was to fly his second COF.

NY Wing Cessna 182 to be flown by the LI Group Maintenance Officer, Maj. John Corcacas

Cadets take part in aircraft pre-flight inspection.

Cadets buckle-up in back seat for the ride.


Cadet Gerig goes over the pre-start checklist with the pilot.

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Car Wash Fund Raiser

   June 5th., Major Ridley and 2nd Lt Lackey returned with a group of seniors and cadets from the NYWg Encampment Workshop held up in Stratton while Capt Sahagian and 2nd Lt Michele Renneberg lead a group of cadets at our first Grumman Squadron Fund Raising Car Wash which netted over $100 in funds for our unit.

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High School Color Guard Event

    On Saturday, June 4th., 2nd Lt's Michele and Ray Renneberg took four cadets out to Bethpage High School to perform a color guard at the request of the Senior Squadron. Thanks to c/CMSgt Fuerestein, c/SSgt Stratford, c/SMSgt Bennet and c/SrA Tracy an enthused group of attendees at the Relay for Life activity along with the commander and members of the Senior Squadron watched what Capt Pizzo said was "one of the best Color Guard presentations I have ever seen" adding "your cadets were great". A communication issue resulted in our members arriving three hours early due to no fault of their own. They were given the OK to leave by their hosts but they volunteered to give up their evening plans and stayed. Not only did they perform an excellent presentation our nations colors, but they assisted in helping the National Cancer Society with other tasks demonstrating the right cadet attitude.

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Air Force 2nd. Lt. Flatley's Visit

   Tuesday, June 21, we had a recent graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, 2nd. Lt. Bridget Flatley, a former Squadron VII Mitchel Award winner and Cadet Commander, as our special guest lecturer.

   Lt. Flatly spoke to the squadron members about her experiences in the Air Force Academy and the various CAP National Cadet Special Activities that cadets can apply for.

   (Some of the NCSAs CAP offers are listed under "Membership/Membership Opportunities" on our website.)

   Go to ncsas.com for more information.

Lt. Flatley leads the squadron's Closing Formation

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Leroy Grumman Gravesite Memorial

   Our Senior and cadet members placed flags and performed honors at the grave of our namesake.

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Memorial Day Parade

   On May 30, 2011 our color guard, 7 senior members and 8 cadets of our squadron were joined by 3 cadets of Flushing Cadet Squadron's drum unit and their squadron commander, Capt. Michael Lee in marching in the Northport Memorial Day Parade. We arrived at the staging area in a slight drizzle left over from the earlier thunderstorm but the rain had stopped by the time we stepped off at 10 AM The parade ended at the waterside park with a Memorial Ceremony which included a reading of the Gettysburg Address and a missing man fly-over.

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Calverton Cemetary Memorial

   On May 29, 2011, 24 senior and cadet members of our squadron joined 13 members of the Francis S. Gabreski squadron in honoring their namesake and the other veterans buried in section 14 at Calverton National Cemetery. A memorial service at his grave was followed by the planting of flags at all the rest of the section's graves.



   Major Ridley, Lt. Lackey and cadets Lee and Gerig then went to Locust Valley Rural Cemetery to place flags on Leroy R. Grumman's grave site to honor our namesake.

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Flight Safety Tour

On April 20, cadets from the Grumman and Gabreski squadrons were offered a chance to fly real motion base airline type flight simulators of the Shorts 360 twin engine aircraft at the FlightSafety training facility at LaGuardia Airport.  Each cadet got to take off from a very realistic out the window view of the LGA runway, fly around New York City scenery, and return to land at LGA.  Fortunately, no one crashed (although a crash would only require resetting the sim!)

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Marcie Mazzolla 5K Marathon

April 10, 2011 - Six of our members along with 12 others from Squadron 10 directed runners and then handed out water bottles at the finish line.

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Color Guard Raises Flag at Maratime Museum

On Saturday, April 9, 2011, Cadet's Feurestein, Tracy, Agulnick and Gerig performed a flawless flag raising ceremony at the Long Island Maritime Museum, veterans in the audience were impressed and weren't shy in saying so, not bad considering three of the color guard personnel had never performed a flag raising ceremony before.

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Cadet Flying

   Saturday, April 2, 2011, Squadron cadets Aguilnick, Stratford and Tracy enjoyed their first Cadet Orientation Flights in one of Long Island Group's Cessna 182 aircraft. Each cadet got a front seat ride and took control of the aircraft after reaching a safe altitude. The orientation pilot, CAP Captain Vic Lasala briefed the cadets on the aircraft instruments and controls, and demonstrated flight maneuvers so that the cadets could handle the aircraft properly. Cadets are authorized an orientation flight (up to five total) with each promotion.

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Inter-Squadron Competition

   Historically, when a month has five Tuesdays, on the squadron's fifth Tuesday meeting we use the time to accomplish things that may have been outstanding. On March 28, 2011, however we met at the gymnasium of the Old First Presbyterian Church in Huntington to play volleyball against the cadets of the Col. Francis S. Gabreski Squadron of Patchogue. It was the first such meeting of its type and offered both squadrons the opportunity to socialize and enjoy one anther's company and partake in a little friendly athletic completion.    While the cadets played, both squadron's Seniors alternately watched the games and sat in the kitchen area talking and enjoying refreshments.

   Capt. Andy Hart, Pastor of the church and Grumman Squadron Chaplain, graciously donated the space for the evening.


 Our squadron cadets in pre-game strategy ssession.

  All eyes on the ball!

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Color Guard presents at Islanders game

Mar. 27, 2011 The Grumman Squadron Color Guard members, Cadet's Max Feurestein, Patrick Tracy, Kyle Stratford and John DiSalvo, presented the colors before a crowd of over 15,000 at the Nassau Coliseum at the Islanders game last night.  Other members of our squadron were present to enjoy the game and the evening along with members of the LI Group.  SM Michele Renneberg who organized this event was told the Islanders want us back next year.

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St. Patrick's Day Parade

Mar. 17 2011 The Leroy R. Grumman squadron was joined by the Long Island Champion Color Guard team and members of the Col Francis S. Gabreski Squadron to march for the first time in recent years in the Town of Huntington's Annual St. Patricks Day Parade. In all over 20 members of the Civil Air Patrol marched in unison demonstrating joint squadron cooperation in each other's events. 

A video of the CAP contingent passing the reviewing stand is at


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CAP LIG Military Ball

Jan. 16, 2011 - The Annual CAP LI Group Military Ball was held tonight and it was a great night for our squadron. We had one of the best turnouts of any squadron in the Long Island Group at the Ball this evening.

Seniors Table

Cadets Table

 Our squadron's First Sergeant, C/MSgt Max Feurestein was honored with the Cadet NCO of the Year Award for LI Group. He presented himself at the NY Wing HQ this morning for a Review Board which will ultimately select the winner of the NY Wing Cadet NCO of the Year.

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Homeless Veterans Burial Ceremony

Jan. 9, 2011 - Today's burial ceremony at Calverton for 20 homeless veterans was a solemn and dignified service. The ceremony made history as it was the largest of its kind ever held. Twenty hearses left Queens, NY for Calverton and traveled on a closed Long Island Expressway. When they arrived onto Rte 25 they drove under twenty large American flags hung between the many lining the street leading to the national cemetery.

Once the hearses entered the cemetery, they were greeted by hundreds of veteran organizations and military honor guards from the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps and the Civil Air Patrol.

Each of the veteran's caskets were draped in our country's flag and were carried reverently by an honor guard into a large tent set up for the occasion. Speeches were made, taps were played and a 21 gun salute rang out honoring these men in death with the respect their service deserved despite how their lives ended... alone and homeless.

Our cadets were glad to be on hand to witness this and realize how lucky they are to live in this great country of ours and to have received all they have from their loving families. One veteran Marine stopped Major Ridley and said, "Major, you've got a great group there, I am so glad the cadets are here today. These guys are looking down from Heaven and are happy too." This meant a lot to all the CAP members.

Video: http://www.newsday.com/video/homeless-veterans-1.2596196

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Cold Fingers Charity Bike Run

Jan. 1, 2011 - The Cradle of Aviation Museum in Mineola hosted the kick-off point for the Cold Finger Charity motorcycle ride. "Fingers", WBAB's disc jockey, and ten other staff members set up and took registrations for more than 600 motorcycles whose riders paid for the privaledge of riding enmass out to Bald Hill to raise funds for Finger's favorite charity, the American Cancer Society's Camp Adventure.

Members of our squadron helped direct the bikers to the line-up area while Suffolk County Police and Sherrif's department officers blocked parkway and LI Expressway entrances to open the way for the long column of bikes.

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