Leroy R. Grumman Cadet Squadron, NER-NY-153

Civil Air Patrol - The official auxiliary of the United States Air Force

Activities 2012 Index

  Cadet Flying                                                                        January

 Long Island Group Military Ball                                                January

 LI Group Color Guard Competition                                           February 

 New York Wing SAREX                                                            February

FlightSafety visit                                                                     22 February

Annual Pershing Rifles competition                                           19 March

Gabreski Airport C-130 Flights                                                   6 April

Cathedral Pines ES Bivouac                                                      14 April 

 Car Wash Fund Raiser                                                             29 April

New York Wing Conference                                                      2-6 May

Memorial Day Weekend                                                            5-7  May

Guide Dog Foundation                                                              25-26 May

Pirates Festival                                                                        16-17 June

Ducks Game Color Guard                                                           2 July

Cadet Flying - July                                                                    14 July

Eagle Scout Project                                                                  18 July

New York Wing Encampment                                                     20-27 July

Ground Team Training                                                              31 July

JFK Air Force Week Media Day Honor Guard                               11 August

Backpack Pirates                                                                        22 August

Bayport Aerodrome Fly-in                                                           24-25 August

Search & Rescue Mission                                                            9 September

Squadron Annual Picnic                                                               22 September

2012 Northeast Region Conference                                              14 October

December Activities

Cadet Flying - January

   Three cadets from our squadron flew with Major John in our Cessna 182 on their first Cadet Orientation flight. Cadet Sgt. Diers and Airmen Fenton and Collins participated in a thorough briefing and preflight inspection of the aircraft after which they flew an hours flight upstate and back while each of Cadets Fenton and Collins getting a chance to fly the aircraft for a while from the front right seat.

                  Cadets being briefed                                                    Cadets observe preflight

Can we get in now?

Can't wait to try flying it!


Long Island Group Military Ball

Squadron Senior and Cadet Attendees 

Saturday 14 January, 2012 at the Long Island Group Military Ball, our Leroy R. Grumman Cadet Squadron and its members went home with the majority of all the awards presented.

   c/2nd Lt. Alexander Bennett received the CAP Achievement Award for his efforts in setting up and collecting 1000 pounds of food and about $350 in cash contributions to replenish the local food banks which had been hit hard following the years heavy storms.

   The Jewish War Veterans Americanism and Patriotism Medal was awarded to c/2nd Lt. John Giammarino for his exemplary service as Squadron Cadet Commander.

   c/2nd Lt. Alexander Bennett was Presented his Mitchell Achievement Award

   c/Lt Col. Patrick Argento was selected as Long Island Group's Cadet of the Year

   Maj. Lonnie McLaughlin received the Paul E. Garber Award in recognition of his completing all requirements of the senior member Level IV achievement. Following this, his promotion to Lt. Col. was announced by the LI Group Commander, Major Alan Gibbs and the squadron's former Squadron Commander, Major Darren Cioffi and Squadron Commander, Major James Ridley Jr. exchanging his Major epaulets for his new Lieutenant Colonel ones.

   The final award, the one which everyone had been waiting for was the LONG ISLAND GROUP's SQUADRON of the YEAR announced following a "Drum Roll' (all the cadet thumping on their tables) was presented to the Leroy R. Grumman Cadet Squadron!


Color Guard Competition

   This competition came down to the wire and we barely lost first place. 

   Our squadron team took 1st place honors in three events, Indoor Practical, Indoor Standard and the mile run and second place overall for the entire tournament. The team consisted of Cadets Stratford (Commander), DiSalvo, Jensen, Tracy and Ramage (alternate).

   They were accompanied (and cheered on) by their Senior Mentors, Lt. Col. Mackey, 2d Lt. Renneberg and our "team mom", 2d Lt. Lackey who baked her gold bars off to supply the treats they enjoyed at lunch.


FlightSafety visit

   Two seniors and four cadets traveled in to the FlightSafety facility at LGA airport in February, Cadet attendees, Howard, Horowitz, Adams, Levine, got to fly FlightSafety's turboprop airliner simulators - all with motion bases and out-the-window visual systems - for about 20 minutes each while simulating takeoffs and landings at LaGuardia airport. This was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity for them as airlines normally pay several hundred dollars per hour for such


New York Wing SAREX

   Maj. Ridley, 2d Lt. Lackey and cadets Merlino, Jensen and Fenton took part in the New York Wing SAREX at LIG HQ.

    Maj. Ridley was the Ground Branch Director (GBD) and Lieutenant Lackey began earning her qualifications in Mission Staff Assistant (MSA). Since we all know her to be a fast learner, she actually took over the administration and running of the new IMU computer system and is now 1 of only 3 or 4 people trained in the entire group to use it. Not only did she have fun with the position but is now very much a sought after talent for future SAREXs and missions.

   The Grumman cadets in the squadron also rose to the challenge. While Cadet Merlino, the most experienced ES cadet we have helped mentor cadets in the Communications area, Cadets Jensen and Sullivan took part in two separate ground teams who went out on photo recon missions and began earning their Ground Team Member 3 (GTM3) qualifications while Cadet Fenton stayed in the COMMS room working on his Mission Radio Operator (MRO) qualification.


Pershing Rifles competition.

   The Grumman squadron Color Guard team took first place at the annual Pershing Rifles Competition held this year in Baltimore, MD. The team was led by c/1st Lt Joshua Howard bearing the American flag, c/TSgt Patrick Tracy bearing the Grumman Squadron Flag and rifle bearers c/A1c Travis Jensen and c/Amn Robert Fenton. The alternate was c/MSgt Matthew Merlino. c/TSgt Patrick Tracy also took first place in the Individual Exhibition and, with c/Amn Robert Fenton, took 1st Place in the Duet Exhibition. Other cadets led by c/Lt Col Patrick Argento acted as security.


The Winners 

   All the cadets spent Friday first raising the flag at Fort McHenry which was prominent in the defense of Baltimore during the War of 1812 and which inspired our National Anthem. The group then visited the museum ships located in the Inner Harbor including the U.S.S. Constellation and a WWII submarine and afterwards joined the National Society of Pershing Rifles at their military Retreat Ceremony at Federal Hill. On Saturday evening they attended the annual Pershing Rifles Mil Ball at the War Memorial Building across from City Hall and took group photographs with U.S. Army Major General's Patrick Higgins, Hofstra University class of 1980 and James McDonald.

   The cadets were escorted by 2d Lt.'s Michele Renneberg, Virginia Lackey, Lt Col. Wilfred Mackey and 2d Lt. Ray Renneberg along with Lieuetenant Lackey's husband Ray.


Gabreski Airport C-130 Flights

   On April 6th., 33 members of Grumman and Gabreski squadrons were invited by Lt. Col. Sullivan and Technical Sergeant Eric Muller to come out to the Air Force National Guard Base at Gabreski airport (no relation to the squadron) and participate in two flights in one of their C-130 in-flight refueling aircraft.

   We were split into two groups with two senior members and half the cadets in each group. After a general briefing by Sergeants Katy White and Matt Repp and an Air Terminal Operations preflight orientation by Sgt. Lopez,


   We were wanded for weapons, bussed out to the aircraft, loaded into the aircraft  - Watch your head! - Big plane low doorway! 

seated on benches running down each side, belted in and briefed on what we were allowed to do, where we cold go and of what things we were allowed to take pictures.

Once in the air and leveled off, we were allowed to stand and stagger to the windows to watch as the aircraft flew out over the ocean,

past Montauk Point and around Block Island before returning along the North Fork. All of us had an opportunity to go up to the cockpit (3 at a time as even as big as it is, with a crew of 4, it would be crowded with more than that.)

   After landing, the Load Master opened the rear cargo door and - 

we all zipped out single file until well away from the idling engines (which were blowing out the warmest air we had felt since takeoff) and then around to the waiting bus while the second group circled around us and boarded the aircraft up the rear ramp.


Cathedral Pines ES Bivouac

   Members of the Leroy R. Grumman Cadet Squadron and Col Francis S. Gabreski Squadron joined together at the Cathedral Pines Park in Middle Island for the purpose of conducting a joint Emergency Services Bivouac. Cadets and Seniors trained for for ground team operations and were able to be signed off on several E/S related tasks.


Safety and event briefing

While training the group took part in an actual SAREX which was being conducted N.Y. Wing wide. Mission tasks included line search, compass course, ELT and missing person searches. The cadets and seniors were split into two teams and each found the missing biker and the ELT which was hidden somewhere in the park.


Teams     1   &   2

   Capt Mitch Sahagian, Lt Col Lonnie McLaughlin and Maj Jim Ridley, mentored the Grumman cadets who learned a lot about E/S, camping and orienteering using a compass and map. "This was a great opportunity for our cadets to learn some valuable skills, interact with cadets from another squadron and just have some good old fun. Camp outs are fun."


Car Wash Fund Raiser

   The rain stayed away and the sun came out providing us with a perfect day 29 April for our squadron fund raising car wash in Commack.  Members of the squadron washed quite a few cars today and had a good time enjoying each others company and by 4pm the unit had earned over $320.00.  Great job by all especially 2d Lt. Michele Renneberg who organized the event. The following squadron members volunteered for the activity. - Cadets Diers, Horowitz, Tracy, Freise, DiSalvo, Gerson, Harvey, O'Brien, Adams and Fenton.  Seniors:  2d Lt. Michele Renneberg, Capt. Mitch Sahagian, Capt. Bob Litzke and 1st Lt. Greg Gunderson.  Parents:  Mr. Collins and Mr. Adams.  Cadet's Horowitz and Adams dressed up in an ape suit and, holding "Car Wash" signs, helped to steer people our way!

NY Wing Conference

The annual New York Wing Conference was held in Lake George. Three Grumman Squadron seniors and five cadets attended. On Saturday morning the conference's General Assembly was held and many of the wing's annual awards were handed out. "We were all filled with extreme pride as our squadron and its members were honored" said the squadron commander Major James Ridley as he went up to receive the 2011 New York Wing Squadron of Distinction award from Colonel Jack Ozer, the NY Wing Commander. "With over 60 squadrons in our wing and especially considering the quality of many of them, that we were singled out for this award is a great achievement."

But this award is not the whole story. By the time the morning concluded, our squadron and several of its members received even more accolades. The unit was also awarded one of the 2011 Quality Cadet Unit Awards for the second consecutive year in a row. Only four LIG squadrons received it, one more than last year.

Furthermore Grumman Squadron members were awarded the following:

Captain Andrew Hart was named the 2011 Squadron Chaplain of the Year.

Lt. Col. W. Glenn Mackey was named 2011 Squadron Aerospace Officer of the Year.

Captain Diane Collazo was awarded her Grover Loening Award for completing Level III of the CAP Senior Member Development Program.

Our former commander, Major Darren Cioffi, and Major Ridley each received a Wing Commanders Commendations for their work on the 2011 USAF NY Wing Evaluation which resulted in an "Excellent" rating.

Major Bob Poggioli received a device for his 50 years of CAP service ribbon as he surpassed his 55th year in CAP this past year.

On Saturday evening during the conference's annual dinner, the Long Island Aerospace Education display diorama, created by our squadron took first place in the Aerospace Education Display contest for the second time in a row. Special thanks go out to Captain

Sahagian for all his mentorship and talents in making this model a reality.

Congratulations and a 'Well Done' to all the award winners and to every officer and cadet in our unit for the squadron awards we were granted.

Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind event

May 25-26, the squadron assisted the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind of Smithtown during their annual volunteer appreciation day. The coordinators were thrilled with our assistance especially the dog trainers who got to enjoy the event instead of dealing with tasks we were able to assume. Myself and Capt. Diane Collazo were on-site while our cadets led by c/Lt. Col. Carissa Lackey did an outstanding and flawless job at their posts. As I said the foundation couldn't have been happier and showed their appreciation afterwards by presenting us with a framed color certificate of appreciation. We will hang it proudly at the VA alongside other items we have received. Kudos to cadets Howard, Adams, Collazo, Diers, Friese, Harvey, Horowitz, Merlino, Phillips, Roth, Tracy and Wallshein who joined cadet Lackey at today's event.

Once we departed the foundation, our color guard commanded by c/MSgt. Patrick Tracy and which included cadets Fenton, Merlino and Horowitz, made their way to John H. Glenn High School in Elwood where they led cancer survivors and care givers around the football track during the opening ceremonies of the 3rd annual Elwood Relay for Life event. This is the second year in a row that Grumman has supported this event and the organizers have already asked us to return next year. Tomorrow a group of cadets will gather at Calverton National Cemetery's Section 41 and assist with flag removal. Uniform is civilian attire and anyone available is encouraged to attend. Lt. Col. Mackey will be the Grumman OIC for this detail.

Memorial Day Weekend

   On Saturday morning squadron members placed flags on the graves of US veterans in Section 41 at Calverton National Cemetery and later that morning we participated in the cemetery's volunteer "Thank You" ceremony in the quad. Those present included: Maj. Ridley, Lt Col's McLaughlin and Mackey, Capt Sahagian and 1st Lt. Michele Rennenberg. Also present were Cadet's Lackey, Argento, Collins, Fenton, Harvey, Phillips, Ramage, Rayve, Tracy and Tupper.
   After the flag placement Maj. Ridley, Capt Sahagian and c/Lt Col Argento joined c/MSgt Merlino (also present for this duty on Friday) at Republic Airport for flight line duty in support of the Jones Beach Air Show. Capt Sahagian, Cadet Argento and I returned today and spent the day providing the same support with a special guest appearance of c/Lt Col Lackey. When the event was over we formed up in front of one of the Blue Angels F-18 Fighters and took a group photo with the Blue Angels pilots

Pirate Festival & Cadet Flying

Father's Day weekend 1st Lt. Lackey, Capt. Sahagian and I along with Cadets Lee, Feuerstein, Jensen, Roth, Gerson, Phillips and Mitchell Davanzo along with cadet recruits Morgan Davanzo and Sahyna Lawshe assisted the Gabreski Squadron with traffic and security duties at the Pirates Festival which took place at the Long Island Maritime Museum in West Sayville, NY.

Saturday afternoon Lt. Col. Mackey conducted Cadet Flying out of the LIG HQ. Flying in our Cessnas for the first time were Cadets Roth, Phillips and Rayve. Well done to all.

LI Ducks Color Guard

On 2 July 12 we conducted a color guard at the LI Ducks game with many squadron members, family and guests in attendance.

Cadet Flying

Cadet Flying was held on 14 July with 3 new cadets getting their first Orientation Flights. With a round robin flight to 2 other airports, each cadet got an opportunity to sit in the right front seat and use the controls to get a feel for what it is like to fly the airplane. Smiles were evident all around on their return.

Eagle Scout Memorial Dedication

For c/MSgt Merlino's Eagle Scout Project, Cadet Merlino secured a piece of the World Trade Center steel and built a memorial to the victims of 9-11 and for the CAP air crew that flew the 9-12 mission over Ground Zero. The memorial has been permanently placed in a prominent spot just outside the main entrance at Long Island Group HQ. The dedication ceremony was held on 18 July at the LIG HQ Our color guard, which included one member of the Gabreski Squadron, presented the colors while c/A1C Friese played "assembly" and later "taps" on his bugle. News 12 covered the event,

NY Wing Encampment

Between 20 to 27 July, four of our cadets completed a week of hard work at the NY Wing Encampment at Scotia Air National Guard Base.. Congratulations to cadets Freise, Jensen, Horowitz and Harvey. Maj. Diane Collazo (as A/SFM) was on staff asa well as Chaplain Captain Hart who earned three challenge coins for his work at the encampment. It was a tough and challenging week for both the inflights and staff and we congratulate them on their achievements. Congratulations to cadets Robertson, Wallshein and Phillips who also graduated from the MA Wing Encampment. All three worked hard during the week and Cadet Robertson was named the Most Improved Cadet (Delta Flight) The encampment was staffed by our 1st Lt. Ginny Lackey who served as Flight Training Officer, c/Capt Joshua Howard (SET), c/MSgt Patrick Tracy (PAO) and Major Ridley (FTO).

Communication Radio Class

Tuesday night 31 Jul 12 we conducted a B-Cut radio Communication class at the VA Hospital. Amost all of the cadets and seniors there who did not have this Emergency Service qualification attended.. This skill qualified them to take the A-Cut class coming up in August at LI Group HQ.

Ground Team 3 Class

4 August, 1st. Lt. Lackey along with cadets Harvey, Freise and Vaeth spent the day at Long Island Group Headquarters getting trained in Ground Team (GTM/3) tasks and responsibilities and are now able to attend a SAREX and missions to put what they learned to the test. According to Lieutenant Lackey the training was well worth it and they all had a good time especially when they went out in two vans to a local park in search of a lost hiker, aka. one of the LI Senior Squadron's officers. The following week the entire New York Wing took part in a Guided Training Exercise or GTE. This is a prelude to an actual US Air Force evaluation of the wing and group's Emergency Services capabilities and preparedness.

JFK AF Week Honor Guard

   August 11, 2012, three cadets and two squadron seniors arranged for an Honor Guard for the Air Force Media Day at JFK Airport in Flushing , NY. Following the arrival of the KC-10 Extender, solid gray tanker, while the Honor Guard stood at attention, media personnel were introduced to the Air Force crew that would be flying them out to a refueling rendezvous at 25,000' with F-15 fighter jets on maneuvers.

Backpack Pirates

     Several of our cadets participated along with others from the Long Island Group at the BackPack Pirates festival on Fire Island, NY. According to the LI Group Deputy Commander Lt. Col. Lou Fenech, all the cadets did an amazing job despite very difficult weather. While he told me all the Grumman cadets were fantastic, he wanted to single out two - c/2nd Lt. Max Feurestein and c/Amn Emily Vaeth. Max led a security detail and Emily was the cadet safety officer for the event.

Bayport Aerodrome Fly-in

     Judging by the smiles seen on the faces of the Grumman and Gabreski squadron cadets they had an awesome time even though the weather my not have cooperated fully in Bayport this weekend. It started out on Friday evening when we began to assemble at the Bayport Aerodrome. After setting up the tents and hanger which we called headquarters for two days we all sat down, held our safety briefing and ate dinner before playing some Aerospace Jeopardy and heading off to bed for the night. The rains came in around 2am and didn't let up until lunch time on Saturday ruining what should have been some great flight line marshaling experiences Saturday morning.

     By noon time Saturday the rains had subsided and we were able to get out onto the flight line and do what we came to do. The Aerodrome Society and Antique Air Club of New York were fantastic and treated us great and by 4:30pm every cadet in attendance had gotten up in the air in either a bi-plane or a Piper Cub. Several took to the skys for the first time!


   The following senior members who contributed greatly to this effort - Maj. Dianne Collazo, 1st Lt. Michele Renneberg, Lt Col. Glen Mackey, SM Diana Berlingieri from our squadron and Capt. Dennis Woytowitz, Capt. Jimmy Ridley and 2nd Lt. Ed Nelson from the Gabreski squadron. Also present was USCGA member, Tim Hammil.  Patron SM Ralph Collazo was the chef for our Saturday afternoon BBQ . This activity marked the first command role for our newest cadet commander, c/CMSgt Nick Diers.

Search & Rescue Mission

9/17/2012 - The Grumman Squadron has been "On Call" for any ES missions since September 11th.  Last night we received a tasking.  An ELT in the area of Brookhaven Airport was reported and the Air Force authorized mission number 12M0575 to the group to locate the ELT and take further actions.  I am pleased to report MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  A ground team was dispatched from LIG HQ which included a driver, myself, a Ground Team Leader (GTL) and two Ground Team Members (GTMs) which included c/Amn Emily Vaeth.  C/TSgt Scott Ramage and c/Amn Bailey Sullivan assisted in COMS.  Cadet Vaeth, as member of the ground team will be recommended for a FIND ribbon.  She was also one of the cadets who took advantage of the GTM3 training a couple of months ago sponsored by the Group and it paid off.

2012 Northeast Region Conference

   14 October, the 2012 Northeast Region Conference was held right here on Long Island and it was a huge success.  This was one of the largest NER Conference on record with over 400 CAP personnel in attendance. Of those 400, a good number were from the New York Wing with the largest group being from the Long Island Group. Of the LIG, the largest number of attendees from any one squadron were from the Leroy R. Grumman Squadron. At the banquet we took up 2 full cadet tables, 1 full senior table with five of our senior members sitting elsewhere. 1st Lieutenant's Lackey and Renneberg worked with registration and other areas where needed. . Maj Collazo held the position of cadet conference safety officer and spent Friday evening and Saturday afternoon at the Air Power Museum ensuring that all the activities went without issue. Their contributions helped make this conference a success. We also had three seniors take advantage of the education courses taking place at the conference. SM Sam Ramos was a student in the Squadron Leadership School, Capt Hart in the Corporate Learning Course and Lt Col Mackey took part in the Aerospace Education Officers Course.

   34 cadets went up into the air for Orientation flights in our Cessna aircraft with 18 being their first time flights and who received front seat rides in 26 sorties
   Everyone loved the entertainment as provided by the 319th Army Band, the USAF Honor Guard 4 man drill team and of course, the speech made by astronaut Dr. Story Musgrave. 
   The cadet conference at the Air Power Museum was a hit! Our cadets got to speak with the National Commander, Dr. Musgrave and FBI Agent John Anticev. They were not only treated to O-Flights but they also received a demonstration of a Suffolk County Police Helicopter and the Republic Airport's newest emergency service vehicle

Squadron First Annual Picnic

Our first annual picnic was a huge success.  The picnic which was held at Hoyt Farm Park in Commack was a great way for all the "Grumman Family" to bond and enjoy one another's company.  Over 50 of our cadets, senior officers and their families showed up and took part in some of the activities that were available along with some great BBQ.

December Activities

  • 3 Dec 12 The weather this weekend cooperated and we were able to get three cadets up in CAP aircraft on Saturday. Congratulations to cadets Fenton and Collins for your first Orientation Flight and for cadet Diers on your most recent.
  • 13 Dec 12 Thursday, Maj. Ridley and  1st Lt Lackey went to the final resting places of our squadron namesake and his wife at the Locust Valley Cemetery and placed a ‘Patriot Wreath’ we ordered from the Wreaths Across America program on his grave.Leroy Grumman served as a pilot in the U.S. Navy during the first World War.  Lt. Lackey also picked up a wreath for Mrs. Grumman’s grave which we placed on her tombstone.  I can tell you that their family no longer resides in the area and our squadron did something nice to honor Grumman’s memory and give his family the knowledge that while they may live far away, someone cared enough during the holidays to honor their memory at this time.
  • 15 Dec 12, Saturday,  Grumman squadron members and its color guard, honored our veterans at the Wreaths Across America ceremony at Calverton National Cemetery.  It was the second year in a row our color guard which consisted of cadet’s Tracy, Fenton, Jensen and Horowitz, presented the colors at this event.  Cadet Gerdvil had the honor of placing a wreath on the U.S. Air Force memorial while cadet Sullivan did the same for the POW-MIAs while cadet Freise played “TAPS” on his trumpet.  Afterwards, the rest of the squadron members along with those from other Long Island Group squadrons, went to sections 33 and 6 and placed wreaths on the final resting places of veterans who didn’t have anyone attend their funerals.  Thanks to1st Lt Ginny Lackey who acted as the project officer for this event again this year for all her efforts in the WAA program and ceremony.  Besides running our squadron WAA fund raiser, she acted as a liaison with the cemetery association to make this ceremony a reality. The ceremony which featured CAP as its key contributor was run by the cemetery association .
  • 18 Dec 12 Squadron Awards Party -The parents auxiliary, Gini Davanzo, Mary and John Vaeth and Phyllis Ramos, made the event so special -  well done and THANK YOU.  Also thanks to  1st Lt's Lackey and Renneberg who, although they 'had the night off', couldn't help themselves and assisted in the setup, cleanup and cadet activities planning.  Chaplain Andy Hart arranged for the use of his church's parish hall for the second year in a row and C/A1C Emily Vaeth played renditions of some very classic holiday songs.  And the thank you's keep coming.  In attendance were special guests , Group Commander Lt Col Michael Mooney and his Deputy Commander Lt Col Pat MaGee, Lt Col Ellen Hirsch and Capt Nate Hillard from the Gabreski Squadron.   Gifts of imprinted throws were awardedto the 4 most "senior" senior  members.
  • 22 Dec 12, Saturday, 3-5om, Christmas Party assistance for those affected by Hurricane Sandy, Oceanside Presbyterian Church.  At Chaplain Hart request, our squadron assited  in taking the supplies for the party into the church, setting up, and just being with the kids.
  • 28 Dec 12, Friday, All day, Trip to the Natural History Museum to see the Journey Into Space program and the planetarium. Grumman Squadron cadets and parents led by Major Ridleyand Lieutenants Renneberg and Lackey, spent the entire day in NYC visiting the American Museum of Natural History which included the show - "Journey Into Space".  Afterwards we went to Rockefeller Center, to see the giant Christmas tree and decorations and visited St. Patrick's Cathedral and Bryant Park
  • Cadet Flying

    C130 Orientation Flight

    Cadet Encampment

    Emergency Services GTM Training

    Balloon Festival

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