Leroy R. Grumman Cadet Squadron, NER-NY-153

Civil Air Patrol - The official auxiliary of the United States Air Force

Leroy R. Grumman Cadets

C/A1CAidan ACordero
CadetQuinn DFiglo
C/2dLtMaria CGerdvil
C/SrAJoanna RGerdvil
C/SMSgtRyan C Heinzman
C/MSgtDevon Hindelang
C/1stLtShayna R Lawshe
C/SrAMaximilian EPelkonen
C/AmnRuth LynnPerez
CADETNicholas APerry
C/AmnFrederic ARupnarain
C/AmnDaniel GSaracino
C/CMSgNicole ASchafer
CADETRobert ISilverman
CadetLucas JStamos
CadetDerek P.Alek
CadetQuinn DFiglo
C/AmnRuth LynnPerez
C/CMSgNicole ASchafer
CadetLucas JStamos

Elliot Angus

Joined CAP 6/16/15

Elliott lives in Northport and attends W.T. Rogers Middle school

Elliott was promoted to Cadet Staff Sergeant on 11 October, 2016.
He currently holds the position of Alpha Assistant Element Leader

Special Training Kung Fu
Interests and Hobbies: aviation, aquanautics, remote operated vehicles, flight simulation, computer coding,gaming and community service
Member of: Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE), EAA, Young Eagles
Accomplishments, Awards, Honors: 1st. place award for presentation for MATE@ ROV Competition, 2nd. Place award for demonstration @ MATE ROV Camp

Aidan Cordero

Aidan Cordero joined CAP and our squadron on May 31, 2016

Aidan lives in Greenlawn and attends old Field Middle School

His is enjoys gaming, playing drums and reading

He took first place in Suffolk County Math Contest level 5 and Level I

Joanna Gerdvil

Joanna Gerdvil joined CAP and our squadron March 17, 2017

She has been a member of the Misssionettes since 2010

Joanna was awarded the Bronze Medal of Achievement

Maria Gerdvil

Maria Gerdvil joined CAP and our squadron in December of 2014.

Maria currently serves as First Sergeant.

Maria has made steady progress and was promoted to Cadet Chief Master Sergeant on 11 October, 2016.

In December, 2016, Maria was chosen as Cadet of the Year

Maria enjoys playing the piano and music.

She is home schooled and has won a Bronze Medal of Achievement

She is a member of Girls Ministries

Peter Gerdvil

Peter Gerdvil joined CAP 15 Sep. 2010.

He completed his Goddard Achievement and was promoted to Cadet Major on 03 May 2016

Peter was selected to be Cadet Commander in 2015. He stepped down in June of 2016. 

In November, 2016, Peter earned the Community Service award.

Ryan Heinzman

Ryan Heinzman joined CAP on his twelth birthday, 5 October, 2013.

Ryan has made great progress in our squadron. He is currently serving as 1st Element Leader.

On November 15, 2016 he was promoted to Cadet Senior Master Sergeant

Ryan is interested in competitive swimming, boating, basketball and aerospace and would love to become a pilot

Ryan was a cub scout 2009-2011.

William Kelly

William Kelly joind CAP and our squadron on 8/30/16

On 15 November, he was promoted to the rank of Cadet Airman

William lives in Cold Spring Harbor and attends St. Anthony High School in South Huntington. He is currently on their Honor Roll and is a member of the National Honor Society.

He plays violin, bagpipes and drums

William runs cross country and is interested in all aspects of aviation. He hopes to go to the Air Force Accademy and become a pilot.

He has also expressed interest in Emergency Services

Shena Lawshe

Shena Lawshe joined CAP and our squadron July 30, 2012
After achieving Cadet Chief Master Sergeant, in June 2016 she transferred the Gabreki squadron. 
After helping to create a new squadron in Brentwood, she transferred to it May 5, 2017 and served as Cadet Commander achieving the rank of Cadet First Lieutenant.
On 8 August 2017, Shena returned to our squadron and accepted the positions of Cadet Executive Officer and Cadet Recruiting Officer.

Shena attends Brentwood Sonderling Center
Her interests are in acting and Law
She is secretary of the Drama Club, Manager of  Brentwood Lacrosse and First Sergeant of her Air Force Junior ROTC unit.

Her work  history includes Brentwood Freshman Center as Secretary, associate in 7-Eleven, Associate in J C Penny.
She is currently an associate at Wilson's Leather

Daniele Levanti

Joined CAP 6/16/15 
Lives in: Northport
Attends Northport Middle school 

Daniele currently holds the position of Bravo Assistant Element Leader
She was promoted to Cadet Senior Airman on 1 March, 2016

Special Training: None

Interests and Hobbies: swimming, track, orchestra (violin), Math Olympics, Jones Beach Junior Life Guards 

Member of: National Junior Honor Society, Huntington Bluefish swim team,

Accomplishments, Awards, Honors: Suffolk County Varsity Swimming Coaches Award 2014, NYSSMA - Violin Solo - Level V, score 99/100

Noah Paquet

     Noah Paquet joined CAP in March of 2013.  Noah was named Cadet of he Year in 2015

     Noah was promoted to Cadet Master Sergeant on 7 June, 2016. 

    He took over as Cadet Commander in June, 2016 He turned over command in July of 2017.

     Noah lives nearby in East Northport where he is on the honor roll at the Middle School. He has "been involved" in 3 Middle School plays and played one season of lacrosse. He is a member of the YDA home work Club, the YDA Boys Club and the VA Volunteer Group. 

     When not tinkering or just relaxing, Noah is interested in reading about and building combat aircraft especially those involved in WWII air battles. These  have brought him to a desire to be in the Air Force. 

Maximillion Pellkonen

Max joined CAP and our squadron 15 March 2016

 On 15 November, 2016, he was promoted to the rank of Cadet Airman.

Max lives in Greenlawn and attends Old Field Middle School.

His Interests and Hobbies include piano, RC planes & aviation

He is a member of the Edgewood Flyers with whom he flies RC aircraft

Nicholas Perry

Nick joined CAP and our squadron Aug. 8, 2017

He attends H H H High School West

His interests are audio production, football, video games fencing, airsoft and rugby

He is a publicist at One World Youth Organization and Event Manager at Robotics 

Frederick Rupnarain

Fred joined our squadron in November, 2016.

Fred lives in Melville and attends St. Anthony's High School where he has earned the Duns Scotus Award and nomination to the National Honor Society.

Fred enjoys tennis, running and swimming and is interested in Physics and aerospace

Anna Samuel

Anna Samuel joined CAP and our squadron September 6, 20016  She was promoted to A1c in May of 2017

Anna lives in East Patchogue and is Home Schooled

Her interests are in Art and Drawing

Daniel Saracino

Daniel joined CAP and our squadron January 31, 2017

Dan was born in Madrid, Spain and currently attends Northport Middle School

He is interested in football, basketball and contact sports.

Nicole Schafer

Nicole Schafer joined CAP and or Squadron in November of 2014 

In December, Nicole was promoted to Cadet Senior Master Sergeant

Robert Silverman

Robert joined CAP and our squadron 8 August, 2017

Robert attends Harborfields High School

He is interested in all sports and reading

Robert is a member of Nextgen Politics, Chapter Leader for Harborfields and a member of the Academic Team since 2016

He currently works as an attendant at Crab Meadow Beach

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