Leroy R. Grumman Cadet Squadron, NER-NY-153

Civil Air Patrol - The official auxiliary of the United States Air Force


The following are some of the activities that squadron cadets and seniors have taken part in over the last several years.

Orientation Flying in CAP's Cessna 172 aircraft

Control Tower visits at Islip MacArthur, Republic & Kennedy airports

Fire / Rescue Facility at Islip MacArthur & Republic airports

Enroute Radar Control facility (High altitude)

ARTC (Area Radar Terminal Control) Approach and departure control for JFK, Laguardia, Newark, Teterboro, Islip and Westchester airports.

Suffolk County Police Helecopter Unit

Orientation Flights in US Air Force Pavehawk helecopters and C-130 refeuling tankers at Gabreski Airport

Tour of Grumman Center in Bethpage where all flew the A-10 "Warthog" simulator

Setting and removing flags for Memorial Day on graves at Calverton National Cemetary (Annual)

East Northport Memorial Day Parade (Annual)

B-17 visit at Republic - Cadets and seniors were tasked with crowd control (all CAP members working event got to ride in the B-17)

Jones Beach Air Show, the USAF Blue Angels are assisted in their Republic Airport Operations by several squadrons of CAP LI Group. Senior and cadets provided security and flight line duty for the event. To view pictures of this event visit the photo gallery.

Flight Safety Tour

Cadets from Suffolk Cadet Squadron VII accompanied by their Squadron Commander, Capt. Darren Cioffi and their Aerospace Education Officer, Lt.Col. Glenn Mackey visited Flight Safety at LaGuardia Airport Friday, March 21, 2008.

Members of Squadron VII have visited the Cradle of Aviation Museum located in Garden City, NY.  They were accompanied by Senior Members.  Visit the photo gallery to view pictures of past tours.

Balloon Fest
Members of LI Group Squadrons are called upon to assist during Balloon Fest.  Cadets and Seniors typically spend the entire weekend at this event.  To view photos of this event, visit the photo gallery.