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Aerospace Education

Aerospace Education is one of the major subjects taught to the cadets every month. The manual the cadets receive contains six sections, each a separate book.  Sections can be broken down into chapters - each a seperate subject to learn. The sections and their chapters are listed below.

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Flight:


   a. Bernoulli and Newton

   b. Coefficient of Lift

   c. Parts of the Aircraft

   d. Five Forces

   e. Three Axis - Movement Around & Control Surfaces that Create Motion


Chapter 2 - Aircraft Systems and  Airports:


    a. Engines 

    b. Airports

    c. Charts - Layout, Legends, Lines, Features & Airport Information


Chapter 3 - Air Environment:


   a. Air Circulation

   b. Weather Elements

   c. Moisture and Clouds 

   d. Weather Systems and Changes


Chapter 4 - Rockets:


   Sect. 1 - History of Rockets    


   Sect. 2 - Rocket Principles


     a. Acceleration, Thrust and Inertia

    b. Newton's 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Laws of Motion


   Sect. 3 - Rocket Systems and Controls


     a. Systems and Their Purposes

     b. Payload


Chapter 5 - Space:


   Section 1 -


      a. Micro Gravity   

      b. Characteristics     


   Section 2 - What makes up the Universe:


      a. Constellation, Galaxy, Nebulae,

      b. Interplanetary and Interstellar Space

      c. Solar Systems, Planets

      d. Comets, Asteroids & Meteors


Chapter 6 - Spacecraft:


   Section 1 - Unmanned Spacecraft


      a. Satellite, Orbit, Apogee, Perigee, Sputnick, Space Probe    

      b. Satellite System Parts


   Section 2 - Manned Spacecraft


      a. Projects and Missions

      b. Joint Missions 

      c. Sheppard & Armstrong

      d. Hubble


Section 3. Living and Working in Space; Space Suits


Each month an Aerospace class is held where one of these subjects are discussed.

Aerospace Activities


Field trips and activities are an important adjunct to academic study.  During the recent past, cadets have visited the New York TRACON (FAA air traffic management facility for the New York City area), have flown commercial airline flight simulators at the FlightSafety training center at LaGuardia airport and have secured the flight line ramp at Republic Airport during the visit by the Air Force Thunderbirds flight demonstration team.

The squadron has an active Rocketry program, wherein the cadets build and launch successively more complex model rockets.  On completion of the program, they are entitled to wear a rocketry badge on their uniform.

External Aerospace Education Program


The Civil Air Patrol’s External Aerospace Education Program presents aerospace education to the public. This is accomplished through academic programs within the education system as well as other contacts between CAP members and their communities. This includes:


Aerospace Education Membership (AEM),

Aerospace Education Workshops (AEWs),

Aerospace Education in local schools and other community organizations,

Aerospace Education materials, and

Aerospace Education organizations and agencies.



This is a special category of Civil Air Patrol membership. It is open to any reputable individual or organization that has an interest in supporting CAP’s Aerospace Education Program.
Individuals and organizations must meet membership criteria. These criteria are found on the AEM application. AEMs receive a CAP membership card, AEM certificate, AEM Lapel pin, CAP monthly newspaper, AEM Newsletters, free educational products developed especially for AEMs, plus many other benefits. AEMs are not authorized to wear CAP uniform, hold CAP grade, or participate in the senior member program. Special permission is required for flights in CAP aircraft.



NCASE is the premier aerospace education conference in the nation. The Civil Air Patrol and the United States Air Force sponsor this annual event. The National Conference promotes an understanding of aviation and space education. It motivates educators to incorporate AE concepts into their curricula. Educators of all grade levels and subjects are encouraged to attend. CAP members are encouraged to promote and to attend NCASE. The location of the NCASE changes each year. Participants attend national standards-based, hands-on sessions presented by leading aerospace educators.


Participating classroom teachers must be current Aerospace Education Members of CAP. Teachers can select from two age- appropriate activity books, AEX I (K-5), or AEX II (6-12) (AEX II is the same book that is used with Squadron AEX Award Program).  Six activities must be completed by April 30th of the current school year.


CAP’s Aerospace Education Program for schools:


Ø      Is supported with textbooks, thematic units, visual aids.

Ø      Is National Standards-based.

Ø      Supports existing curriculum requirements.

Ø      Supports real world learning.

Ø      Supports programs involving peer coaching, peer tutoring, group learning, mentoring.

The program is designed to assist teachers in preparing students to take their place in the technological, global aerospace society in which we live.

The following AE support materials are available from CAP NHQ:

Preschool / Early Childhood Learners
Four-in-One Activity Books

Elementary Grades
Activity Booklets
Fun in Flight
Drawing Lessons from Aerospace History (Dot- to-Dot)

Middle Grades / Junior High
Thematic Unit Resource Packets

General Curriculum Aids
Poster Sets
Bibliography and Resource Listing
Index of Related Topics




These workshops provide training for educators, local community and CAP members. These workshops provide support for teacher education programs and networking opportunities.


CAP - Philadelphia Middle and Elementary Public Schools



Leroy R. Grumman Cadet Squadron

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Annual ACS Walk at Jones Beach, October 20-21, 2018 (LIG)

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Out of the Darkness Community Walk October 28, 2018(SQ10)

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Long Island Group Aviation Day, November 10, 2018 at 09:00AG (LIG)

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