Leroy R. Grumman Cadet Squadron, NER-NY-153

Civil Air Patrol - The official auxiliary of the United States Air Force

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  • Are you or your children interested in joining the Civil Air Patrol (CAP)?

  • Would you like to visit our Squadron and observe our activities?

  Potential cadets should plan on visiting the Leroy R. Grumman Cadet Squadron at least three times before actually joining CAP.  This is designed to ensure that you are ready to make the commitment to the program and take advantage to all that it has to offer before paying dues.  Joining CAP is a commitment in time and money, but in the end it can pay off as it can help you both academically and financially get into the college or academy of your choice.


   When you arrive, our Public Affairs Officer will present you with an orientation package containing detailed information on CAP and our squadron and will answer any remaining questions you may have.


   For directions to our squadron's meeting location, click on the "Location and Directions" subpage on the drop-down menu under "Membership".


   To contact our Public Affairs Officer, fill out the email contact form at the bottom of this page.

Cadet Membership



o       Both male & female are welcome,

o       Be at least 12 years old,

o       Be no older than 17 years old (although once admitted to the program,

             you may remain as a cadet until your 21st. birthday),

o       Be unmarried,

o       Hold ‘U.S. Citizen’ or ‘Permanent Resident’ status, and

o       Have a satisfactory scholastic academic performance record.



Cadets progress through a 16-step program of leadership, aerospace and Emergency Service activities while learning invaluable lessons on teamwork. Not only that, but cadets have fun! In the first year alone, a cadet can:


- Go flying

- Earn rank and awards

- Launch Rockets

- Participate in search and rescue

- Camp out

- Meet new friends

Parents, are you our next new Senior Member?


  The Senior Members you see at squadron meetings do not receive a paycheck for the time and effort they invest, but are there to serve the community and, to the best of their ability, help your cadet achieve their goals.  Like all Civil Air Patrol squadrons, this squadron is run entirely by volunteers and needs your help.


  There is no better parent-child activity than Civil Air Patrol.  Witness the growth and maturity your cadet gains while you train in the various tracks available to adult members.  Bring your skills and experience to the squadron, learn something you have never tried or considered doing, and serve your community while preparing the leaders of today and the future.  We can do it all but with your help we can do it a lot better.


  The squadron's Recruiting Officer or the Squadron Commander would be happy to discuss the membership options listed below with you.




See the "Membership Oportunities" subpage in the "Membership" drop-down menu for descriptions of the various Staff Duty positions and other opportunities for education and training.


Adult Membership Categories

Officer Membership is one of the most rewarding opportunities in Civil Air Patrol! Officers are responsible for the execution of our missions and the supervision of cadet members. Officer members participate in a professional development program where they study leadership and better themselves in a variety of methods. Our members come from many walks of life and have a variety of interests. Some members join to fly, others join to work with cadets, some join to help out wherever they are needed. No matter what your motivation, our squadron staff will work to find you an opportunity to serve!


Officers must complete 'Level One' training program prior to working with cadets.



Parents, grandparents, and legal guardians have an opportunity to participate in Civil Air Patrol activities with their cadet through a Cadet Sponsor Membership. As a Cadet Sponsor Member, you may serve as a chaperon, provide transportation, or supervise cadets during squadron activities. Cadet Sponsors pay discounted annual membership fees and have a limited time commitment. There are no uniform requirements for Cadet Sponsors, though options are available. Cadet Sponsor Membership also allows you to ride along with your cadet in CAP vehicles or aircraft!


Cadet Sponsor Members must complete 'Level One' training program prior to working with cadets.


A Patron Member is a financial supporter of Civil Air Patrol's missions who maintains current membership through payment of annual dues and participates in a limited capacity. Patron members receive a specially annotated membership card. Patron members may attend unit activities, conferences, and other official events. Patron members may use Civil Air Patrol ground transportation, but use of Civil Air Patrol air transportation is prohibited. At any time, a patron may choose to transfer to active officer status without incurring any additional national membership dues.


Patron membership can be a great way for individuals to contribute to the missions of the Civil Air Patrol when they cannot give of the time or energy required of active Officer membership. Patron members provide the financial backing to allow Civil Air Patrol to perform the important missions we have been tasked with. Your support is important and appreciated!

Adult Membership Requirements:

o       Both men and women are welcome,

o       Be at least 18 years old, and

o       Hold ‘U.S. Citizen’ or ‘Permanent Resident’ status.

o       Pay dues to CAP National HQ 

 All adults joining Civil Air Patrol as Full or Cadet Sponsor Members are required to submit fingerprints which are used to complete a confidential FBI background check at the national level. This is just one of the ways that we insure the safety of our members and especially our cadets.


It is Civil Air Patrol policy that no member shall be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or subjected to discrimination in any CAP program or activity on the basis of race, sex, age, color, religion, national origin, or disability.


No military and/or flying experience is required for membership, but enthusiasm and a willingness to serve your community is.

Civil Air Patrol is a registered, tax-exempt, non-profit corporation holding 501(c)(3) status. All membership expenses, including dues, uniforms and travel mileage to and from meetings and activities, are deductible as charitable donations on your income tax report.



Should you desire to visit the CAP National website to see more about what has to offer before you visit our Squadron, you can click on the links below  Ask your parents or guardian to explore it with you and be sure that they also visit the Parent Page.

Click for Civil Air Patrol Page          Click for Parent Page