Leroy R. Grumman Cadet Squadron, NER-NY-153

Civil Air Patrol - The official auxiliary of the United States Air Force

Current Cadet Commander

Cadet Commander

C/Capt. Maria C. Gerdvil

Previous Cadet Commander

Cadet Commander

C/Sra Noah G. Paquet



Being the Cadet Commander is a big responsibility to the squadron. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Essentially, the Cadet Commander has to plan meetings and squadron events to ensure that everything that needs to get done is done properly and efficiently. This usually requires that I make a schedule and ensure that it is carried out by my cadet staff. The Deputy Cadet Commander and I communicate directly with the Cadet First Sergeant. We say what needs to get done and it is the First Sergeant’s job to figure out how to go about doing it. The First Sergeant then works with the Cadet Element Leaders to carry out the task. This generally means that the Deputy Cadet Commander and I do not deal with the in-flights too much. In addition to planning meetings, the Cadet Commander serves as the bridge between the Cadets and Senior Members. The seniors communicate to the cadets through me. They issue orders to me which I convey to the cadets down the chain of command. Also, if the cadets need to communicate with the seniors, this is generally done through me as well.

Being in the position of Cadet Commander has taught me a lot. The biggest thing that I have learned is that delegating my duties is extremely important to making the squadron work effectively. There is much planning that goes into Squadron meetings and activities. Only by working closely with my Cadet Staff is it possible to ensure everything goes smoothly and all tasks get done. I need to manage my time in order to make certain that squadron functions are always a success.

Being the Cadet Commander is an enjoyable challenge. I am grateful for the opportunity to put my leadership and organizational skills to the test and I look forward to my future experiences as the Cadet Commander of The Leroy R. Grumman Cadet Squadron.