Leroy R. Grumman Cadet Squadron, NER-NY-153

Civil Air Patrol - The official auxiliary of the United States Air Force

Drug Demand Reduction (DDR) Program Description

Drug Demand Reduction: Mission Statement


The Civil Air Patrol Drug Demand Reduction Program assists squadrons, groups, wings, and regions to instill an aggressive, positive, drug-free attitude in CAP members, AF families, DoD civilians, and school-age children through a comprehensive program that:


  • Promotes CAP as a positive community service lifestyle.
  • Encourages youth to remain in school.
  • Focuses on drug abuse education, prevention, and awareness.
  • Provides positive activities as an alternative to drugs and gang violence.


CAP’s DDR program  is defined in CAP Regulation 51-1, Drug Demand Reduction Program

Training and Resources

The Training element forms the core and backbone of the DDR Program. It provides the fundamental knowledge and competencies for DDR officers to facilitate the DDR Program throughout CAP. The DDR officers are our greatest assets and training is conducted to ensure program effectiveness. The Training element provides:


-  DDR training labs at the annual conference

-  Regional training for DDR coordinators and administrators

-  Wing training for units and cadet DDR officers

-  Tele-training sessions


Never has there been a greater need to increase our knowledge about drugs than there is today. Ever-changing drug-use patterns and the need to develop new and effective preventive interventions underscore the importance of education. The Education element provides:


-  Substance abuse materials, classes, lesson plans, videos, posters and promotional items

-  Portable display booths, fatal-vision goggles, and drug kits to educate and promote the CAP DDR


-  Partnerships with Air Force active duty, Reserve and National Guard DDR programs and resources

-  Partnerships with local substance-prevention agencies/coalitions, Drug Enforcement Administration

DDR administrators, Federal Bureau of Investigation Community Outreach coordinators,

state governor drug policy coordinators, fire, police, rescue and medical personnel.

Community Outreach

The object of the Community Outreach element is to place local CAP units in the forefront of their community to communicate a drug-free message to youngsters. Cadets and unit members partner with base and local community coalitions to support anti-drug activities.  Together, they provide essential and supplemental assistance to community outreach activities.  The following is a very incomplete list of different events and outlets in which CAP units can work within the community:

  • Family community centers
  • Community health fairs
  • Base-sponsored community activities
  • Base open houses and air shows



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